Cat Boarding

Clean, cozy and quiet boarding for cats with room to play!

cat in cat condo with staffThe boarding facility at Adana is housed within the clinic, serving cats from Ithaca to Cortland and from the surrounding communities. It is built for cats to enjoy their time away from home and is the only veterinary facility in our area to board cats exclusively. Our cat loving staff is highly trained in attending to cats of all personalities; they are able to medicate cats too. The pet boarding area is very clean and quiet and made just for felines. Each cat has an individual laminate cage with a shelf for the cat to rest. For families with several cats the condos have a very nice feature, a porthole that can be opened by staff between the cages to allow familiar cats to share several condos next to one another.

cat coming out of carrier

In the cat boarding area is a large exercise pen: It is a 6 foot tall 5 by 3 foot structure with shelves, window-view to birds and trees, sisal scratching posts, and natural branches. All cats get a chance to individually visit the play area each day to break the routine of boarding. We find that most cats do extremely well in our setting. Our forms for boarding are available online.

Medical Boarding

Cats with medical needs are more than welcome to board at Adana. As we are a veterinary facility, our staff is trained in closely observing cats with special needs. We can give oral and topical medications, subcutaneous fluids, insulin injections, as well as monitoring elderly or blind cats.  We provide individualized care for "special needs" cats. Any cat with a medical need must be examined at Adana at least yearly for our doctors to be familiar with the specific history of the cat.

Cat Friendly Practice

Come for a visit

The staff is always happy to give you a tour and showcase the boarding area. Call ahead for the best time to stop in.

If your cat has boarded with us previously, you can make a boarding reservation by calling or contacting us at We are not able to correspond by email for new boarding clients, so please call us.

If your cat is new to boarding at Adana Veterinary Clinic, please call one of our friendly receptionists to assist you as much information and details are needed to make a boarding reservation. For senior cats and cats on multiple medications an exam with one of our doctors is required ahead of the stay (may be the day of admission). Older cats or medical boarders are more likely to need some form of intervention during their stay, and we require that the cat has established a relationship with one of our doctors at least yearly, to board at Adana feline friendly cat boarding.

Cat in boarding room with staff

We welcome all: Healthy cats and kittens, cats with special needs, geriatrics, cats on multiple medications and cats with diabetes.

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