Care, Comfort, and Compassion for Your Pet

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About Adana

Helping patients since 2004!

Adana Veterinary Clinic is a small clinic, emphasizing high quality medicine and very personalized care. Our staff is committed to an excellent experience for both the owner and the pet.

Cat Friendly Practice

We provide wellness care as well as care for sick animals. We examine, treat and perform surgery in all the furry companion animals: dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs and small rodents. At Adana we know that having great medical and diagnostic skills along with the right equipment allow us to serve our patients better.

Digital X-ray, ultrasound, advanced in-house lab machines, and digital dental X-ray give the doctors the ability to do a wide range of diagnostic work, please refer to these sections for more information. The clinic offers most surgeries: many soft tissue and abdominal procedures, including routine spay and neuter, C-sections, mass removals, eye lid corrections as well as oral surgeries. We carry the latest technology in Class IV Therapeutic Lasers, a CTX-15 unit used post-op and for many acutely painful conditions, please refer to our Laser section.

Dr. Wildenstein has a lifelong interest in dentistry for pets and Adana offers prophylactic and therapeutic dental care including extractions.

Our philosophy is reflected in our mission statement, and in our motto: Care, Comfort, and Compassion for your pet. We take pride in great customer care and emphasize comfort for pet as well as owner.

Adana Veterinary Clinic Dr. Wildenstein Dr. Donnelly


Recognizing and Addressing Pet Pain

Part of an animal’s nature is to hide the pain that they feel. While hiding pain used to serve as a survival mechanism in the wild, it now makes it harder for owners to notice when something is wrong. This month we wanted to discuss what pain is, how to spot it in your pet,... Continue reading

cat and dog

Boarding cats in the exercise pen

Quality cat boarding at Adana Veterinary Clinic

Summer schedule update, NO Saturday hours

Effective May 15, 2023, Adana will not be open for appointments at all on Saturdays through the summer. We are short staffed, and this will allow the team better summer relaxation opportunities. Please check back again in August to see our posted hours for the fall after Labor Day weekend.

May 2023, Exam room policies post Covid

At this time clients are mostly restricted to the waiting area as we continue to take precautionary measures to protect our precious staff and doctors from any close contact. We do not have the extra capacity to treat patients should we be down even one staff member. We may occasionally allow one adult in the exam room, but please be prepared that typically your pet will be examined and/or treated in our exam room without you present. Thank you for your cooperation.

I just want to express my sincere thanks to Lindsey, Gwen, & all the staff at Adana for the loving care our cat, Gabriel, received while boarding there this past week. I was concerned about leaving him because he’s 15 and never boarded anywhere before. However, I was reassured by the friendly, knowledgeable staff and the clean, cheerful environment at Adana. The exercise pen with the elevated shelves, window, & outdoor bird feeder convinced me! I called a few times while we were away to get updates, and Gabriel was doing fine. He made himself right at home and everyone enjoyed him! Thanks again! I would highly recommend Adana for anyone needing to board their cat.

Loving care for our cat while boarding

Ellen, April 2023

Super nice folks at the Adana Clinic. Were able to get us in relatively quickly and provided great care to our little chinchilla buddy. Thank you Adana!

Super nice folks

Shawn, March 2023

Excellent service. Kind, knowledgeable people.

Kind, knowledgeable people

Faith, December 2021

Thank you for being the most amazing vets! I have so much anxiety and the fact I can communicate with you so seamlessly is amazing.

Seamless Communication

Sodasia, March 2021

Thank you to Dr. W and Vanessa and the rest of the staff. You guys are all so sweet and amazing!

Sweet and Amazing Staff

Elaina Sheiman and Trouble

My anxieties are put to rest when my pet is in your hands.

Skilled Hands

Bill, August 2020

We have had a few vets over the 13 years we’ve been in this area, BUT you, Dr. Wildenstein, and your entire team is amazing and what makes Adana the BEST vet place ever! Your kindness and listening skills are second to none.

Second to None

Joanne, August 2020

We’ve taken five different pets to Adana over the course of 12 years and every time they get the highest level of care. They’ve seen us through a kitten to end of life support for our beloved first dog, always keeping it professional yet personal. We wouldn’t trust our four legged family members to anyone else!

Professional Yet Personal

Gina Marie, August 2020

Adana deserves the highest compliments! You takes such good care of Cody and Tootsie. What a great staff! Thanks again for the immediate and excellent care of Cody today!

Highest Compliments!

Bernice, April 2020

We boarded our cat at Adana over the Christmas holiday. She is older and has some health concerns, so my husband and I are always nervous when boarding her at a new place. They took great care of her. When we picked her up today, we were given a detailed report of her eating habits and general behavior. We took home a very happy cat! The staff is professional, helpful, and kind. We will definitely board her again with Adana!

Cat boarding: We took home a very happy cat!

December, 2019

Update on Loki- the laser treatments worked so well! Before treatment there were days his back legs were so sore and weak he could barely get off of his bed- we saw a change for the better during his first cycle of treatments, and after 3 cycles he had definitely improved a lot! A year later he is running and jumping better than ever!

Jumping better than ever!

Shana, January 2019

We LOVE our family at Adana and wouldn’t have care given to our pets, our “family”, any other way!

Our Adana Family

Pam S., January 2019

This is a short note of thanks and appreciation for your wonderful help with our octogenarian cats. The service you provide always insures peace of mind, a priceless outcome. Thanks to all.

Peace of Mind

Bill, June 2018

Thank you all for making such a positive impact in our beloved pets’ lives. We truly appreciate your compassionate and caring team! And Joey, Tula and Cosmo are lucky to have a great vet like Dr. Wildenstein!

Such a positive impact!

Owner of Joey, Tula, and Cosmo, August 2017