Nicole Sloan

Nicole Sloan

Receptionist/Vet Assistant

Nicole joined Adana in February 2017 as a receptionist. Early fall of 2017 she expanded her responsibilities  to also work as a veterinary assistant. Her favorite part about working for Adana is the relationships she gets to build with the clients and their pets. She loves being able to recognize people in and out of the clinic so she can say hi and ask how they and their animals are doing. Nicole finds the clinical part of veterinary medicine fascinating and loves all our patients!

Nicole's cat CiceroNicole is one of our Feline Advocates, she puts great effort into providing a safe, comfortable environment for the cats that come to Adana, whether as as a patient or to visit our boarding area. The welfare and health of cats is particularly important to Nicole. Ask for Nicole if you have concerns about bringing a nervous cat to the veterinary practice.

Her passion is exotic animals, helped by the three chinchillas she has at home. She also shares her home with 1 cat and Nicole enjoys all sorts of video games and trying to come up with what color to dye her hair next. If you recognize her out and about, feel free to say hi and talk about your pets. She can never get enough of that!

Nicole with pets