Morgan Van Dyk

Morgan Van Dyk

Veterinary Assistant

I like working at Adana because the staff has a close and personal relationship with many of the clients. It isn’t everyday that you find a clinic with a staff so involved in learning about the patients as well as their owners. The staff makes everyone feel welcomed and a part of the Adana family. It is so pleasant and refreshing to find a clinic with so much understanding for each patient.

I have a Maine coon mix who is called Wolfgang, but my whole family calls him Wolfie for short. He is a giant fluff ball with a gorgeous lion’s mane and loves to play with his little laser to burn off his energy. He also loves to cuddle up right on top of people’s faces while they are sleeping or sleep on the pillow next to me. On top of that, he has such a loud purr when he gets very happy or excited.

When it is nice outside, I love going on horseback riding lessons over at the If Only Farm. I have always had a love for larger animals and love spending time with them and interacting in any way that I can (hopefully starting vet school next fall working with large animals). In the winter, I enjoy going skiing at Greek Peak in Cortland and spending all day on the slopes. On more laid back days, I binge watch seasons of Criminal Minds and work on a quilt when I have enough time!

Morgan with pets