Marissa Zerkowski

Marissa Zerkowski

Veterinary Tech Assistant

I have always loved helping animals. I strive to make pets feel as comfortable as possible when they come to the vet’s office which is what I enjoy most about working at Adana. From lots of snacks to Feliway towels, I love making the dogs, cats, and furry exotics be as stress free as possible.

I grew up in Pennsylvania but moved to the Ithaca area to attend veterinary school.  I am a student in Veterinary Medicine, Class of 2023, at Cornell University, and I plan on becoming a small animal emergency or general practice veterinarian. During my free time, I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, camping, and playing games with my husband, Dalton. I especially like the Ithaca winters, and love getting outside to appreciate nature.

I have two dogs, a black lab named Mia and a yellow lab named Nellie. Mia LOVES swimming, and if we go on a hike with any kind of water, she will be sure to be in it! Nellie is your typical lab with a ton of energy, and she enjoys trying to hold as many toys as she can at one time.

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