Malini Riddle

Malini Riddle


Malini joined Adana in September 2018 as a receptionist. She really enjoys how the small-town feel of Adana allows for close connections among the staff, the patients, and their human companions. Malini is also very interested in learning more about veterinary medicine, especially the state-of-the-art techniques that are available at Adana.

Outside of the office, Malini enjoys playing guitar, reading, and cooking vegan food. She is also always trying to maintain her Spanish skills, so feel free to say “¡hola!” when you see her in or out of the office! She shares her home with her cat, and she looks forward to spending time with her dog whenever she visits her family in Texas.

Prior to joining Adana, Malini spent time researching the links between sleep disturbance and mood disorders. Currently, she is taking steps towards a career in medicine.

Malini with her pets