Katie Trail

Katie Trail

Veterinary Tech Assistant

I love the local practice personality Adana has. It’s great to work at a clinic that is part of the surrounding community, where the staff know so many of our clients and patients. Working at Adana feels like being part of the family. As I am student in Veterinary Medicine, Class of 2023, at Cornell University, it is great to have a seasonal position for the summer and be able to work per Diem through the school year at Adana.

I share my house with a fish and two cats, Lionel and Sentry, who I adopted from my former job. The pair enjoy stalking birds through the window, greeting new people at the door, and causing as much trouble around the house as possible.

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, reading, caring for my ever expanding collection of house plants, marathoning Netflix series with my roommates, or just hanging out with my cats. Recently, I’ve been trying my hand at propagating my plants, so my house is overflowing with little cuttings in pots or water. But when I’m not at Adana I’m usually at the vet school studying for class.

Katie with pets