Gwen Gallagher

Gwen Gallagher

Boarding Assistant

I grew up down the road from Adana and every animal my family has owned has been a patient here. Seeing Adana from both the client perspective and the worker perspective has made me see just how special Adana is. We give a tremendous amount of time and attention to every patient, which is really important to me. I enjoy seeing happy, healthy animals at Adana!

I am from Freeville and now live in Ithaca. I received my bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from Ithaca College in 2022. Outside of work I enjoy photographing wildlife, music, and watching movies with my cat, Pixie!

My partner and I have a Manx kitty named Pixie. She has a bobtail and is very bunny-like! We also have a giant day gecko named Gummy, and an axolotl named Strawberry and one named Blueberry. Our kitty is obsessed with food, cuddling under the covers, and watching TV with her mother. Our gecko enjoys basking under her heat lamp and our axolotls enjoy catching their food pellets and chasing our fingers!

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