Gry Wildenstein

Gry Wildenstein

DVM (owner)

“I love my work as a vet for cats and dogs; it is very fulfilling and makes me smile. I enjoy diagnostic challenges and I like to work with the pet owners to find solutions that work for them. I really enjoy internal medicine, behavior, soft tissue surgery, and dentistry.”

Dr. Wildenstein is the creator and the owner of Adana Veterinary Clinic. She is originally from Denmark, hence the first name Gry, pronounced [gree]. Gry Wildenstein graduated from The Royal Veterinary College of Denmark in 1987, and then practiced in Denmark for 4 years.

In January 1992 she moved to the Ithaca-area from Denmark. Dr. Wildenstein worked at various local small animal practices (4) from 1992 to 2003. She decided to open her own practice and set out to plan and build Adana Veterinary Clinic using her wealth of experience in practice philosophy as well as in design. The clinic had its Grand Opening on Valentine’s Day 2004 and continues to grow and accept new clients. Dr. Wildenstein’s objective is to keep it small and personal; she and her staff find great joy in knowing their clients and pets by name.

Gry Wildenstein lives in the community with her husband, Bob. They both enjoy the outdoors any season, they love to garden, cook, and explore new places in the world together.  Gry and Bob share their house with 2 dogs, 3 cats, an iguana, and their yard with 5 hens.

When Dr. Wildenstein travels or is out of town we generally will have coverage by a relief veterinarian.

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