Hospital Cats

Hospital Cats

Our permanent residents


Hi – I’m Viva!

This is my story: In September 2005 I was out looking for love (I was in heat), then came this BIG dog; apparently he didn’t like little cats like me. The dog attacked me and bit me many times on my hind legs and hind end – and he broke my left femur (thigh bone). I was in poor shape and everything hurt really badly. So that night and the next day I lay quietly in a ditch. Then some people playing golf found me and called the Cortland County SPCA. Those kind SPCA people took me to Adana on the evening of September 28th, 2005.

The nice doctor gave me pain medication and supportive treatments to make me feel better. She said I was a little trooper and that I had wise and kind eyes. I liked that! The doctor also said that I would have to have my left hind leg amputated because it was so badly mangled and infected. I didn’t like that!

The following day my fate got sealed: The SPCA folks couldn’t quite afford all the care I would need – and I understand – they have a lot of pets to help. My fever was up to 103.7 and I desperately needed intensive surgery and care, I had lost a lot of blood and my leg muscles were torn to pieces. So my new owner, – that’s Dr. Wildenstein, said she’d take care of me and find me a home if I made it through surgery……Well, it was a couple of really rough days. I was so tired and I had tubes and lines everywhere: IV’s, monitors and many drains in my body to drain the infection.

About 3 weeks after my big surgery Dr. W said I should be spayed. I was early pregnant back when I came in, but my babies didn’t make it through my nasty infection and long anesthesia. So it’s ok, I just wish someone had taken better care of me in the first place: I hadn’t been in heat maybe I would still have 4 legs…….

Anyway – I am happy here – good as new and very content with my new life. I take my job of greeting every client and pet seriously, I like to make them feel welcome.


And I am Kiwi and this is my story:

Originally I grew up on a farm. One day in May 2003 when I was only 6 weeks old, I tried to sneak some food from the dish belonging to the farm dog. Well-he didn’t want to share and he bit my face! Ouch! I broke my lower jaw and split my palate. The nice farmer took me to see Dr. Wildenstein at the clinic she worked at; he wanted her to fix me up and find me a safer home. My jaw was sore and I needed help eating. The doctor brought me to her home for the weekend to care for me; I ended up staying and became one of her many pets. I was named Kiwi because of the shape and color of my eyes. It is curious that I also happen to be a big fan of eating various fruits and veggies! Over the years I lived with 4-5 other cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and 2 dogs at her house. That was a great adventure.

During the winter of 2012-2013, Dr. Wildenstein had been thinking about a companion for Viva but Viva finds younger cats annoying. So an older, easygoing affectionate cat was preferable and I fit that description to a “T”. I also like to cuddle up to other cats so the choice fell to me and my trial move started February 16, 2013.

Now I am a Hospital Cat and I love it! I can walk all over the counters (I was never allowed on counters before!) and people are so nice; some even give me treats. Viva and I are good friends now and we like to snooze together in a soft kitty bed. This is what I call retirement!