Emily Bryan

Emily Bryan

Vet Tech Assistant

I always wanted to work with animals, and I started volunteering at CNY SNAP to spend more time with cats because I wanted to understand my own cat better. My cat has been a patient at Adana for years and the more I learned about veterinary medicine, the more I realized that Adana was the place I wanted to work because they have the highest standard of care.

I grew up in the area and I really love it! When I’m not with animals I like to cook and hike outdoors. I have a B.S. in Speech and Hearing Science and I’m currently enrolled in a program to be a veterinary technician.

I have a cat named Cat and a female betta fish named Sappho. My cat is my entire personality! She’s got a big personality and attitude. Sappho is a brave little fish and she isn’t afraid of anything, she really loves her food and hanging out in her fish tunnel!