Claire Conklin

Claire Conklin

Vet Tech Assistant

claire with petI grew up with dogs and cats, and have loved learning about all kinds of animals since I was young. I trained and competed with my dogs in the local 4-H dog club, where I became involved with teaching youth about dog training, health, and sports. My family has been bringing our pets to Adana for years, and has always treated them with a high level of care and kindness. I am very excited to work here and share that kindness with more families and their pets!

I grew up in Dryden, NY and studied at Ithaca College for my Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. I worked as a research lab technician in Birmingham, AL for a couple years after graduating, and decided to move back to the northeast to pursue veterinary school. Outside of work, I love camping and hiking with my dogs. I also enjoy jewelry-making and baking!

I have 2 windsprites named Honey and Simon, and a leopard gecko named Banana. I compete with Simon in conformation, agility, rally obedience, and racing, and hope to do dock-diving with Honey when she’s older. Banana prefers to lay on warm rocks and eat crickets.

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