Andrea Mandarano

Andrea Mandarano

Veterinary Assistant

Andrea is a veterinary assistant and has been with Adana since September 2017. She loves the atmosphere of Adana, getting to know the clients and their pets. It’s very rewarding for her to play a part in helping animals.

She has three house rabbits (Doodle, Mookie and Pip), two snakes (a ball python named Nagini and a rosy boa named Zuri), and an aquarium at home. She has a passion for rabbits in particular, and makes it her mission to learn as much as she can about them in order to give her babies the best care possible. In her spare time she enjoys video games, reading, relaxing at home and making succulent planters in the summer.

Say “Hi” if you see her around town! She would love to chat about your pets!

Andrea's pets