Alexis Gillett

Alexis Gillett


I enjoy working at Adana because I value working on a team that cares so deeply for their patients. I love working with animals and the people that love them.

Since moving to Ithaca from New York City, I’ve enjoyed exploring the lake and gorges that make this place so beautiful. I spend a lot of my free time with my cats, Rose and Little Man and dogs Xena and Oyster. We like to hike, garden, and work on our 130 year old house. I’m a lifelong cat lover with a newly found passion for dogs after fostering many rescues. I’m particularly interested in learning about canine genetics, history, structure, and polishing my training skills.

I’ve had our sweet girl Rose since she was a kitten. Xena and Little Man are a mischievous senior dog and cat bonded pair that we foster failed while living in NYC. They were both quite chunky when they arrived, but they’ve become much healthier and active since we adopted them… though they occasionally still team up to sneak into the treat stash! Oyster, our year-old Icelandic Sheepdog, is the newest member of the family and very enthusiastic about all things. He also enjoys intercepting Xena and Little Man’s food heists. Oyster and I have been exploring the world of dog sports and conformation showing. He’s also become a great hiking and fishing buddy!

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