Digital Radiology, Ultrasound, and Lab

We have high tech equipment to run most blood tests in-house. By utilizing our Idexx machines we are able to get accurate results within 30 minutes of the blood draw from a patient. This is very beneficial when dealing with sick patients. Specialty tests have to be sent out; for this we utilize Cornell’s Animal Health Diagnostic Center or Idexx Reference Laboratories.

staff with patient

Our Idexx lab consist of the Catalyst® that will run organ tests (chemistries) as well as electrolytes (sodium, potassium and chloride). This is an advanced dry slide technology lab station that accurately can run multiple blood samples at once. Adana also owns a ProCyte Dx®. This hematology machine will run what is called a CBC (Complete Blood Count) with 26 parameters, it uses laser technology to count 50,000 cells per minute.

Our licensed veterinary technicians are well trained in performing full urinalysis, blood cell evaluations under the microscope (differentials), screening for parasite eggs in fecal samples, evaluation for presence of mites, yeast or bacteria on slides from skin or ear-and much more.

All the testing we do requires highly trained staff and expensive equipment that must be maintained properly. Our licensed veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants are crucial in making sure all machines are maintained properly.

Digital X-ray and Ultrasound

Digital X-ray

Adana has a digital radiology suite with an updated high frequency unit (July 2019), providing us with high quality diagnostic X-ray images. The crisp imaging obtained is paramount in diagnosing many conditions. We submit the radiographs electronically to a board certified radiologist as needed for interpretation. Adana also utilizes a small ultrasound machine (October 2018) for diagnostic abdominal ultrasounds, images are submitted for Teleconsultation with a board certified veterinarian. Ultrasound is a great tool for visualization of the bladder for assessment and facilitating urine collection. Patients may also be referred out if appropriate for an ultrasound with a board certified radiologist.