Pharmacy, Flea and Tick Control, and Food

We carry over 99% of the medications we prescribe to allow you “one stop-shopping”. We will fill the prescription for your pet during your office visit. For difficult-to-medicate patients Adana Veterinary Clinic utilizes the service of an approved veterinary compounding pharmacy, when flavored or chew-able medication is needed. Legally we do have to have a valid Doctor/Client/Patient relationship in order to prescribe any medication. This generally means we have to have seen the pet and the condition for which we are prescribing within the last 3 to 6 months. We are unable to prescribe medications for pets that we have not examined within 12 months.

Refills for long-term medications may be requested by email, phone or using ePetHealth’s Pet Portal.


Ask us for recommendations from our competitively priced flea and tick control products. With numerous products available it is not easy for an owner to know which to choose or trust for control. Adana has done the research for you. We carry only the safest, most effective options for your pet. We have various topical products, oral chews (dogs only) and safe collar options. Ask our friendly staff for recommendations for your pet’s specific needs.

We carry Hill’s Prescription Diet and Science Diet as well as some Royal Canine Veterinary Diets and a few Purina Veterinary diets.