At Adana we have always had a high focus on providing the best in dental care for pets, Dr. Wildenstein has had a special interest in pet dentistry her entire career. Our Dental suite is modern and well stocked with the newest in equipment, including Digital Dental X-ray. Let our experienced Technicians and Doctors make your pet’s mouth feel better and smell better!

Prophylactic cleaning


Statistically over 80% of adult dogs and cats have some degree of dental disease by the age of 3. We believe in educating pet owners early on about the importance of good dental health on the overall health of the pet. If we can prevent the build up of tartar and the development of gingivitis, we can help keep your pet healthier for life. We realize that many owners are not able to brush the teeth of their dog or cat, but we are also well aware of the possible consequences of chronic gingivitis to the health of your pet.  At Adana we routinely perform dental cleanings and evaluations including manual and ultrasonic scaling of the teeth, followed by polishing to restore a smooth surface. We use and recommend Oravet, a revolutionary anti plaque sealant applied professionally to cleaned teeth. The owner follows up with easy home applications once weekly; this may reduce tartar build-up by as much as 40%.

A prophylactic cleaning does require the pet to be under anesthesia as even the best of cats and dogs will not tolerate 40-60 minutes of scaling and polishing.

Dentistry with extractions

Unfortunately many pets develop advanced periodontal disease and infected teeth as it may be difficult for an owner to detect early signs. Every pet gets a good oral exam at Adana with the annual exam and we hope to be the pet’s advocate. Living with chronic pain is not fun.

  • Pets can’t tell us when their teeth hurt.
  • Chronic tooth pain causes decreased quality of life for your 4-legged friend.
  • Chronic gingivitis/infection may predispose your pet to early kidney damage.

Once the periodontal disease and pain has been diagnosed a Dental Cleaning and Evaluation will be scheduled under anesthesia. After the prophylaxis mentioned above the doctor will evaluate all the teeth and the technician will digitally x-ray any unhealthy areas. We have had the advantage of digital dental x-ray equipment since 2007. This allows  superior imaging of your pets teeth, their roots and enables us to make the best recommendations for your pets dental care. When pets need extractions, x-rays are needed to assess bone and root structure before surgical extractions.

Dr. Wildenstein will use local blocks and general pain killers to keep your pet comfortable through the entire procedure and recovery period. It is amazing that pets most often eat soft food within hours of waking up even after multiple extractions. So often we hear from owners that their “pet is acting younger” after recovering from multiple extractions. Pets have no choice but to “slow down” if they have chronic pain issues.

After the procedure

Prophylactic cleaning

Home care will be important. Our staff will do their best to guide you to what you can do to help keep the teeth clean. Just as for people, plaque will build up every day so it is important to understand that home care is needed to protect your pets’ teeth after a dentistry. Because each pet and client is different, we try to help find an option that will work in your household. We will discuss home dental care products, food and chew options at the discharge appointment after the procedure.