General Info

The clinic and its spaces

Adana Veterinary Clinic was designed by Dr. Wildenstein and constructed to be a veterinary hospital. It was built from scratch during the fall of 2003 into early 2004, we first opened our doors in February 2004. The exterior of the building is covered with local Freeville hemlock boards, harvested and dried right on Brooklyn Rd. When Dr Wildenstein dreamed up the design, she drew on 15 years of experience as a veterinarian, but also on her background as the daughter of a veterinarian in Denmark. The interior is inspired by her Scandinavian heritage: large open spaces, lots of natural light from the many windows, light woods and a well planned lay-out. The reception area has separate waiting areas for dogs and cats, mostly to accommodate the felines. For cats not used to dogs it helps them to have a separate area, a "safe zone". The waiting area offer shelves for cat carriers to get them off the ground, additionally one exam room is dedicated for use for cats and our exotic patients only.

The facility is almost 3000 square feet. Behind the front area and exams rooms is a large treatment area, pharmacy and laboratory, surgery suite, radiology room. There are wards for hospitalized patients, separate for cats and dogs. Adana also has a very nice, quiet boarding room for cats.

family and pets

Our Comfort room was an important feature in the design of Adana. Dr. Gry Wildenstein wanted to create a dedicated room for owners to visit hospitalized patients and for the emotional, difficult time of saying farewell to your pet. We will assist you when it is time to reach the decision to let a beloved pet go. We allow and encourage you to stay with your pet through the procedure of sedation and IV injection of the actual euthanasia solution. Most owners are relieved at how calm and painless euthanasia is for their dog or cat. We contract with a well respected pet cremation service.  The comfort room is located at the end of the building by an external door to allow private entrance and exit for grieving owners.

Dr. Wildenstein has lived in the Freeville community since 1992 and really enjoys owning a local business located in the Village of Freeville. We hope you will find the building to be beautiful, warm, and welcoming. Velkommen! (Danish for Welcome)

doctor with kittens

The meaning of Adana

Dogs with scarves

Many people ask what Adana means. When Dr. Wildenstein was brainstorming to name the practice, she wanted to find a unique name that would reflect her heritage (she moved here from Denmark in 1992) and would be easy to remember. The name Dana is Celtic and means “from Denmark”. By adding “a” in front of Dana she composed Adana [A’dana] – to mean “One from Denmark, or a Dane”.

Mission statement

To provide excellent and compassionate veterinary care in a comfortable environment, enabling trust and open communication. Our treatments and recommendations will focus on the pet's best interest and we will strive to avoid any unnecessary procedures and suffering for the pet.

Please be advised that for ethical reasons Adana Veterinary Clinic does not perform taildocking, earcropping, or declawing. Exceptions are medically warranted surgeries and taildocking of newborn pups. (Though we encourage owners to consider letting the pups keep their tails). We will be happy to discuss alternatives to declawing cats with you.

Payment information

Payment is always expected at the time of service and credit will not be extended to new clients.

We accept cash, personal checks well as Discover credit cards, Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards. We do accept Care Credit, but only for "pre-approved" procedures over $250.

Our staff is experienced, and trained to be knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Adana is the place where your concerns will be heard and your questions answered.