Sonia Gonzalez

Sonia Gonzalez

Veterinary Assistant

Sonia has had the pleasure of working here since November of 2016. To her, working as a Veterinary Assistant is one more way to help our companion pets live happier and healthier lives.

A lifelong love for all animals, and a deep passion in animal welfare led Sonia to make helping animals a major part of her life.  Working as a Veterinary Assistant adds to her experience in the field. In the past she has worked as a Volunteer Coordinator at an animal shelter, a supervisor for a mobile vet clinic, and before moving to New York she worked several positions at a non-profit veterinary clinic in Illinois.

Sonia hikingWhen Sonia is not at the clinic you can often find her with her partner and their rescue dog, Ginny. They love going on long distance backpacking trips, exploring the beautiful hiking trails of upstate New York, and other adventures. They share their home with a rescue turtle named Ronnie, and have a spunky cat named Parsnip who resides where she is most happy- in the lap of her human grandma in Illinois. Sonia also spends her spare time writing, reading, cooking up large meals, trail running and gardening. She is a dedicated volunteer at the local animal shelter, and an active member of the Ithaca community.

Sonia with pets